How to Start a WordPress Website and Make Money Online?

WordPress powers over a quarter of all websites today, making it the biggest publishing platform in the world. A lot of people use WordPress and blogging to make money doing what they love online. So why not create a website and get going? Read on to find out what some good ways to make money with WP blogging are. Web hosting for WordPress has never been more lucrative than it is now.

Display Google AdSense

All you need to start making money with Google Adsense is add a script to your site from Google and start displaying ads. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you make money. This is also known as “cost per click” or CPC. The advertiser sets the actual cost per click.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone creates a website and recommends a product or service to their target group using special tracking links. Every time someone buys the product or service after clicking on this link, you get a referral commission. Here’s an example. You bring a friend to a store where you shop and your friend buys something, then the store gives you a bonus or gift card for referring the friend. Every niche has affiliate programs available, and web hosting for WordPress can make profit generation in this way a reality.

Does this sound interesting? Think about goods or services you are using right now that your readers might want to use too. Then check if they have an affiliate program you can register with. You can promote products from a large number of sources, including Amazon and Share a Sale.

Selling Sponsored Posts

If you’d rather not display ads, don’t worry – there are still ways to make money. Sponsorships are a nice alternative. This is where a company pays you to promote a product to your readers. It’s still a form of advertising, yes, but impervious to ad blockers, which people are increasingly using.

To be more attractive to advertisers, create a website with a media kit that details your social media following, traffic stats, audience demographics, and any other important information. Then, you can contact businesses to negotiate a sponsorship deal.

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Sell Ads via WordPress Advertising Plugin

It is shrewd to sell banner ad space on your website directly because you don’t rely on a middleman taking a share of the profit. You negotiate your own price and terms. Most bloggers charge a flat rate on banner ads because it is easier to keep track of than clicks.

Of course, using Google AdSense takes less work than selling ads directly. You will need to negotiate pricing, take care of invoicing and other administrative work, and come up with an agreement and terms. You won’t get away with just adding a bit of code to your website.

Writing Reviews

You can profit from writing paid reviews on your blog. It would be best to review products that are relevant to your industry, which your readers would be interested in. Sites like Sponsored Reviews and PayPerPost can help connect you with companies that might have an interest.


These are just some of the tens of ways to make money when you choose web hosting for WordPress. Create a website and get started now!