When you search for a nearby service on Google, three local businesses always show up under a map of the area. These are organic results that are key to competing successfully as a small local business. They’re known as Google Maps 3 Pack. Ranking in this golden slot can be invaluable to your business because it evidences a strong local presence.

This article outlines some approaches to attaining a spot in the Almighty’s 3 Pack and compete effectively as a small local business.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Counts

Good keyword research is the core of any good content marketing. Keywords or key phrases let companies monitor their competition, provide a source of consistently great content ideas, and inform them about what their potential customers want to know.

Search engines are getting cleverer, and so are keyword research tools. SEO trends are changing how we create, optimize, and develop content and keyword research concepts. In the past, search engine results pages provided a higher degree of visibility. This is something to take into account. More on this later.

Google My Business Listing

It’s important to optimize your Google my Business listing. It should contain as much information as possible. The phone number you list has to be the same as the one on your site and it has to be a local number. This is because someone searching for “organic food stores near me” will probably be in your area, not across the country, and will want to call a local number. A number with a dial code in a state across the country would seem suspicious at the very least.

The listing should also include up-to-date payment details, specific categories for your business, and quality images.

Click-Through Rate

Did you know the first-ranking result attracts around 20% of all clicks? The second and third positions attract 10% and 7.5%. The fact that Google is always changing its search results page is one reason these shares of the total are lower than ever before. SEO intelligence platforms like Serpstat and Ahrefs integrate a keyword difficulty metric, thereby helping identify keywords.

We hope these tips will prove helpful! Good luck with your local business!