We all know about Facebook and Twitter, but are they the only social media platforms that work for small businesses? We delve into some less known, but just as good options.


Instagram, which has been around for a few years, has a relatively large following. Its main audience is teens and millennials. You need to produce high-quality videos and images to be successful on this platform. While this can be a daunting task for small businesses, it’s definitely recommended to take it on.

The vast majority of Instagram users is under 25 years of age. Men are far less likely to use Instagram than women, so that’s another market you might want to tap.


This business-oriented social media is absolutely indispensible if you offer B2B services and want to connect with other businesses. The platform relies more on text than images and it is an excellent location to build connections and find staff. It is ideal for B2B niches. LinkedIn’s main purpose is forging business connections, unlike with other social media.


The latest addition to the world of social media, Snapchat is enjoying tremendous and ever-increasing popularity. Its millions of users access it at least three times a day. A small business that wants to market itself on Snapchat has to provide fresh, new content on a regular basis. Your videos and photos need to tell a story and engage the audience, which is mainly comprised of teenagers. It’s key to hold their very, very brief attention span. You don’t need to focus on quality here, unlike with LinkedIn, our previous choice.

Know that your content will expire in less than a day and your business will have to start from scratch. Sound hard? That’s because it is.

All three of these social media provide excellent digital marketing options as long as your small business prioritizes well. When it comes to using media effectively, don’t spread your resources thin. Instead, focus on a few that count. Which? It depends on your target group.